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Exclusive Tickets

The purchase of tickets from this website evidences understanding and acceptance of the following terms and conditions of sale. Therefore, continuing to place this order is a mutual agreement to the terms and conditions set forth below:


Exclusive Tickets, LLC, hereinafter referred to as Exclusive Tickets, engages in the resale of admission ticket[s] to events. Exclusive Tickets is NOT a primary source for admission tickets, nor is Exclusive Tickets an affiliate of any primary ticket source. Primary ticket sources include, but are not limited to, Ticketmaster, Telecharge and venue box offices. As such, tickets offered for resale by Exclusive Tickets are 'secondary-market' tickets which are those that are offered for resale subsequent to the ticket being made available from a primary ticket source.


Exclusive Tickets obtains 'secondary-market' tickets from several sources, including season ticket holders, corporate sponsors, consignment arrangements, and other partner resources. As such, ticket[s] once made available from a primary source at the face value of the ticket[s] has exchanged hands, sometimes several times. Therefore the price advertised by Exclusive Tickets most often reflects the 'brokered' price which is the cost of the ticket[s] paid by the end-purchaser. The 'brokered price' reflects the costs of acquiring the ticket[s] and can be substantially above face value. Ticket prices within the 'secondary-market' change frequently. Ticket prices are advertised on a 'per ticket' basis, and are quoted in US currency. Prices are not guaranteed until the purchase has been charged to your credit card and has been paid in full. We are not responsible for typographical errors which may inadvertently appear on our website.


Due to the nature of this transaction, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are NO refunds, exchanges or cancellations. Tickets should be treated as cash; as lost or stolen tickets cannot be reprinted, reissued or refunded.

Rescheduled Events If your event is postponed or rescheduled, your tickets are valid and will be honored for the new scheduled date of the event. There are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations for rescheduled events.

Cancelled Events** If your event is officially cancelled and has not been postponed or rescheduled, you have two options. Call our office, toll-free at 866.600.7328 immediately to notify us of your decision to either:

(1) Select a full refund for the FACE VALUE of the tickets. This is most often less than the price you paid for the tickets, sometimes substantially.**

(2) Select a store credit of the total amount of the purchase, less shipping and handling fees. **

**IMPORTANT** To receive a refund or a store credit, the Ticket[s] must be returned, in original condition, to our home office via trackable means, [Federal Express, UPS, Certified Mail, etc.], at the purchaser's expense. The tickets must be RECEIVED by Exclusive Tickets within five (5) business days after the original event date or five (5)business days after the announcement of cancellation, whichever occurs first. The return should be addressed to: Exclusive Tickets, LLC, Attention: Canceled Events, Mountain Lakes Business Park, 115 Route 46 West, Building F, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046.


Our website utilizes the greatest technology available in attempting to keep our online inventory real-time. However, the nature of our product and the fact that we are marketed on a worldwide stage sometimes creates an occurrence when tickets ordered online are unavailable. In such an instance, an Exclusive Tickets representative will contact you promptly during business hours to discuss alternate seating locations. Exclusive Tickets will not conduct any settlement charge to your credit card on orders for which the tickets are unavailable. To avoid a delay in order processing and confirmation, when completing the order form, you have the option of accepting an automatic seat relocation if the ordered seating location is not available. Equivalent seating is defined as seats located in the "same vicinity". "Same vicinity" is defined as the same numbered section, or, the "mirror section". "Mirror section" refers to the exact opposite of the section. For example, Section X and Section Y are both 50 yard-line sections; just opposite sides of the field. Section X and Section Y are "mirror sections" and are therefore considered equivalent. When choosing the automatic seat relocation option, Exclusive Tickets reserves the right to upgrade your seat location at no additional cost to you. An upgraded seat location shall be defined as placing you closer to the action. Should your ticket order be subject to automatic seat location, seat number(s), row(s) and/or section(s) may be changed without notice; within the guidelines as provided above.

For Example:

John purchased tickets online to a St. Louis Rams game at 2:00 am. The tickets John ordered were two seats located in Section 127, Row 25, which are in the end-zone. When the Exclusive Tickets representative processed the order the next business morning, it was discovered that the tickets were previously sold through another office prior to the website being updated. John checked the corresponding box when completing the order form to be moved to equivalent seats, should the ordered seats not be available at time of order processing. An Exclusive Tickets representative searched, found and shipped tickets located in Section 105, Row 27. Section 105 is the mirror section to Section 127 [Opposite End-zones].


If the ticket[s] you receive are not as ordered, [wrong date, wrong time or wrong event, NOT including equivalent seating locations if requested] the following steps must be taken within the specified timeframe. Failure to act within the specified timeframe shall signify your acceptance of the ticket[s] as shipped. Notify us within 48 hours of receiving the incorrect tickets at which time we will mark your order record, AND, return the original tickets to our office, at the address provided above, Attention: Incorrect Order, via track-able means as defined above. Said return shall be at the expense of Exclusive Tickets. Contact our office to arrange for third-party billing of the return ticket package. As soon as the tickets arrive at our office, arrangements will be made to ensure that your original order is shipped correctly.


Online orders placed after-hours are processed during business hours the following business day. Exclusive Tickets business days and hours are Monday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM, EST.; excluding all major or national holidays. Ticket orders will be shipped via the requested Federal Express option. Should an untimely or invalid Federal Express option be selected, Exclusive Tickets will automatically amend the shipping method, and charge you accordingly. For example, a ticket purchase made the day before the event with a delivery method other than overnight selected, the delivery option will be amended to an overnight Federal Express shipping method, allowing the tickets to arrive in time for the event. The additional charge for the expedited service will be charged to the credit card used for the order. Please note that when selecting a Federal Express option, you are selecting the type of delivery service you desire. Selecting a three to four day delivery option means that Federal Express will deliver the ticket[s] within three to four days upon Federal Express' receipt of the package. This does not mean that you will receive the tickets within three to four days of the date of the order. Some orders are for sporting events currently in the off-season for which the tickets have not yet been printed. Same applies to concert events for which the tickets have not yet been printed. Concert event ticket sources sometimes release tickets the week of the event.

For Example:

John purchased Boston Red Sox tickets for Mary as a birthday gift on December 17th for Mary's birthday on December 28th. Exclusive Tickets confirmed and guaranteed the tickets and seating location upon processing the order. However, Exclusive Tickets obviously can not send tickets which have not yet been printed by the league. When the tickets are printed and are in-hand, Exclusive Tickets will ship the tickets via the Federal Express delivery option selected at the time of the order.

Once the tickets have been packaged and provided to Federal Express, the ticket purchaser agrees that all delivery claims shall be directed directly to Federal Express. Proof that the tickets have been provided to Federal Express shall be evidenced by the package's tracking number having been scanned by a Federal Express representative at a Federal Express location. Should a package become lost or undelivered once Federal Express takes possession of the package, Exclusive Tickets shall bear no responsibility towards making the purchaser whole. Any claim paid by Federal Express shall be provided to the purchaser as sole beneficiary of the claim, whether or not it exceeds the purchase price of the tickets. Ticket orders directed by the purchasing cardholder to be sent to an address other than the cardholder's billing address will result in a $10 administrative fee. This charge does not apply in situations where the cardholder's billing address is a Post Office Box.

Insurance is not provided on any ticket order shipped via Federal Express or otherwise. You have the option of purchasing insurance on your Federal Express package covering the total purchase price paid for your tickets, up to a maximum of $1,000.00. The insurance premium is a flat fee of $7.99 and will be added to your order only if selected at the time of checkout. Insurance can not be added to a purchase after it has been submitted for processing. Should the package become lost or undeliverable, a claim can be filed by the purchaser with Exclusive Tickets. All claims must be filed within 30 days of the original order date, and will be settled within 7 to 10 business days. Please note that packages deemed delivered by Federal Express are not subject to claim, as packages which are lost or stolen after delivery by Federal Express are not covered under this insurance guarantee.

Federal Express has introduced a Residential Delivery Surcharge which is currently $4.00. Should an order be shipped to a residence, or to an address deemed by Federal Express to be a Residential Address, the $4.00 Federal Express surcharge will be added to your order total and charged to your method of payment.


All event tickets offered for sale at Exclusive Tickets, LLC to Florida residents are included as part of a transportation package. For your convenience, Exclusive Tickets, LLC has prearranged meeting locations near your venue and will make arrangements for ground transfers from there to your event. Special arrangements will be made for you depending on the number in your party. If your venue is not listed or you live in Florida and are purchasing tickets for an event out of state, travel is still included as part of your package. Simply contact our travel desk for your pick-up location. Once you're ready to book your ground transfer please call our travel desk at 1.866.600.7328. We will provide you with an exact pick-up location and let you know specifically where to go and what to do, and make sure you have a contact name and telephone number of the transportation company before you leave for your event. If you have questions, should there be time constraints, or should you not receive your travel voucher prior to your event, please contact our travel desk for immediate assistance. The transportation service is provided as part of the package along with your ticket purchase. It is not mandatory that you take advantage of the travel services we provide. Whether you accept or decline the transportation portion of the package, your purchase price will be the same.

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